Execute Stage

If you are selected as a finalist, the investor will sponsor a $5K project that could include:



Value Proposition, Cost Structure, Revenue Streams, Key Partners, Customer Segments, Key Resources, etc.

Feasibility Study

Research and Analysis of: market potential, barriers to entry, competition, demand, and target market.

Competitive Analysis

Identifies strengths and weaknesses, competitive advantages and gaps in service offered by the competition.

Startup Checklist

Review your current business startup & help with best practices and process to ensure the best possible presentation/plan.

Ready to launch your entrepreneurial venture?


Entrepreneurs and small business owners from Idaho, and around the world, are lining up for investment opportunities and development through the Entrepreneur Launch program. Help these bootstrappers reach new heights today!

Select an Entrepreneur

First, you'll meet with the RBDC to discuss your interests and investment requirements.  The RBDC will present you with entrepreneur applications that best fit your investing portfolio and you'll take your pick.

There is an $2k administrative entrance fee.

Business Development

After you select your business, you'll sponsor a $5,000 project to help the them develop, scale, and become more efficient. The business will have a team of students, RBDC project manager, and industry mentors working with them over a 3 month period to enhance their business and prepare a presentation for you.  

Continue Investing

After the project, entrepreneurs will pitch their business to you once again, including their progress over the last 3 months.  You'll be given the opportunity to continue investing in the business should you desire.

For more information on becoming an investor for the Entrepreneur Launch program, please contact Ryon Brewer.